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La taille de la boîte change. Veuillez consulter les détails du produit !
The Wild West Stays Up "All Nighter"

The Wild West Stays Up "All Nighter"

In "All Nighter," William Haskell transports us to a solitary moment in the wilderness, where a lone cowboy pauses amidst the vast expanse of the wild west to brew coffee at his campfire. The scene is alive with the warmth of the fire contrasting against the cool desert night, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the tranquility of the moment.

Cowboy under the night sky."All Nighter" assembled by Sandy Flietstra

This 1000 piece new release puzzle is an introduction into the world of William Haskell art, enjoyed as a puzzle. In the realm of contemporary Western art, his name shines brightly and his mastery of the dry brush style breathes life into acrylic paints at the highest level. Haskell, known for his visually distinctive artwork, seamlessly blends his passion for diversified landscapes of the West with a keen eye for detail, creating a mesmerizing experience for art aficionados, and puzzlers too. 

When we presented our latest 12 new release puzzles at the USA Jigsaw Puzzle Nationals in San Diego, "All Nighter" ranked #1 among the voters. We also held a survey to rank the 12 new releases with our Facebook Quirky Together group and it ranked in the Top Five. We assure you that this puzzle is one to be enjoyed. But we would be remiss if we didn't mention that the blue area is a good challenge! So grab whatever brew keeps you going and plunker down to enjoy this one "All Nighter"... 

Cobble Hill's "All Nighter" 1000 piece puzzle by William Haskell

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