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Canada's Official Cobble Hill Website for Consumers
Canada's Official Cobble Hill Website

Three Announcements Below:

New Consumer Website for Canada (.ca) & USA (.com)

Our apologies, but after nearly 10 years, we had to change to a new website platform that did not allow for porting over of passwords.

  • If you had an account with us in the past, please create a new one for this website that will allow you to login and track all purchases going forward.
  • If you have a ShopPay account, then you can use the Express Checkout with the ShopPay button. If not, then simply add to cart and checkout as you would on any website.
  • Unfortunately, we are not able to share your old purchases with you any longer since it's a completely new system. The best way to see your past purchases is to review your old email order confirmations from Cobble Hill. We do have a spreadsheet of your order numbers, and in some cases, we may be able to give you a list of past purchase dates, but some data may be missing.

If you have any questions or issues, please notify us by using our Contact Us page. Thank you and we look forward to serving you for years to come with our new website!

Retailers: Please use the corporate website to view all products available to you.

This is a consumer only website. At this time, online wholesale ordering is not available, but we do have a lot more puzzles and brands to offer you at our Corporate website for Outset. Please visit for more products and when you're ready to order, you can use the Wholesale Inquiry form to have a sales rep reach out to you. Or call toll free: 1-877-592-7374

BEWARE: scam ads on Facebook and Instagram

Please have a look at the pinned posts on our Facebook account detailing the scam ads utilizing our company name and logo. We highly recommend checking your bank account if you purchased from an advertisement to ensure you bought from a valid retailer. If you purchased from an advertisement on Instagram or Facebook - it was NOT our company as we do not advertize on those platforms.

Our Official Facebook business page:

An article discussing the scam ads: