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Canada's Official Cobble Hill Website for Consumers
Canada's Official Cobble Hill Website

Forms and Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions?

Got questions?

This guy knows it all. He's our Puzzle Guru. If you have questions, he'll reach into his box of puzzle pieces and pull out the perfect answer for you - even for the questions you didn't ask. Like our address, which is below. And we're sorry, but no, it's not a drop-in office and there isn't a puzzle factory in Cobble Hill, BC. See, he already answered two things, no charge. You're welcome.

Outset Media
c/o Cobble Hill Puzzles
106 - 4226 Commerce Circle
Victoria, BC V8Z 6N6
info @ (USA) (Canada)

Also, Frequently Asked Questions below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Consumer FAQs for Cobble Hill Puzzle Co

A. Puzzle Issues

1. Do you have a contact form?See more.

A. Yes! You are on the correct page. Just see above for the different contact forms that we have for replacement puzzles, general inquiries, and wholesale inquiries. If you're not sure which one fits you best, then go for the General Inquiries.

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2. Do you replace missing or damaged pieces?See more.

A. First, we're very sorry if you have any quality issues that stemmed from our factory! We do replace puzzles that were purchased new from a store and that have a factory defect. However, we cannot send you just the missing piece (even if you send us a napkin diagram of where the piece is missing), nor can we guarantee that the new bag will have the same shaped pieces. We use many unique die cutters, so depending on when your puzzle and the replacement were manufactured, they may have been cut with a different die. If you would like a replacement regardless, please fill out the Puzzle Replacements form and our team will take care of getting a replacement to you.

Unfortunately, if your puzzle got thirsty and had a little too much to drink, it can loosen the glue and cause the paper to peel away from the backboard, but we don't replace those damaged puzzles. Nor do we replace puzzles with damaged pieces from hungry pets and laundry machines. Or adventurous puzzle pieces that get damaged from their visit with your backpack, purse, pocket or pieces that hang back at the cabin. The shipping cost alone to send a replacement can be $15-$30 depending on your area, so we're so sorry that we can only replace the ones where we caused the quality issue.

But if you have a legitimate factory defect, we will send a replacement. With some areas, especially internationally, we may not replace the puzzle as the shipping cost is simply too high (upwards of $100-$300). We'll do our best to work with a distributor in your area to get the puzzle replaced and we always try to ship it to you even if it costs us more than the puzzle price, but sometimes we have to decline and we're very sorry.

When our team has processed your order, you will receive an email with a sales order number. Keep that email handy so that you can reply to it if you have any questions. It will help us help resolve your questions quicker. Also, please track your package to ensure you are able to receive it. We do no reship for missed deliveries that get returned to our warehouse. As well, double check the address that you submit to ensure it is correct because we do not reship due to the high cost of freight. TIP! If you are looking to complete your original puzzle, when you get your replacement bag, search for the four corner pieces. If the four corner pieces can be swapped with your original puzzle, then it's a very strong chance that you have a puzzle made from the same die cutter. This means that you can sift through all the pieces to try and find the missing one from the original. Thank you!

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3. Would you send me a replacement of a different image?See more.

A. Our sincerest apologies if there there was a quality issue with your puzzle. We understand that it can be frustrating when you spend hours enjoying the puzzle only to get to the end and have a piece missing. Our hope is that it is in your home in the oddest of places. We've heard some unbelievable stories of pieces being recovered in unexpected areas - even in homes free of pets, children or sneaky spouses who like to play tricks!

If it is a factory error, the warehouse doesn't swap out for new images as they often will just send the new bag to you of the same image. Please keep your original puzzle box and poster (if it came with one) and once you get the replacement, the original pieces can be tossed in with your paper recycling. In very rare cases, we may choose to send a different image that we have agreed upon, but this will be based on special circumstances. We hope you understand that the replacement puzzle should allow you to share/trade/donate the puzzle to friends, family, local libraries, senior homes or keep it stashed in your collection to enjoy again. Hopefully, your piece is hidden somewhere in your home. But if not, we're here for you!

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4. Why do I need to sign and date my UPC for a replacement?See more.

A. A UPC code is a 12 digit number that helps us identify the product. It is usually found on the side of a Jack Pine or Cobble Hill puzzle. By seeing the image of the UPC, it ensures that we are in fact replacing the correct puzzle as item codes can be incorrectly entered. We ask you to sign and date it so that we ensure we are only replacing the puzzle one time, as puzzles can often get donated or lent to friends/family. It's lovely to think that we could keep replacing it over and over so everyone has a brand new puzzle, but it's certainly not feasible for us. Therefore, please include your signed and dated UPC as our team will ask for it. For Cobble Hill or Jack Pine puzzles, you can find it on the side of your box and it starts with "6-25012". It has black stripes and it is required to get a replacement. If you're not able to upload the image, then we can process the order the old school way where you cut out the UPC and mail it to our Victoria, BC office (address is above). (Note: For MaddCapp, it may be on the back of the box and it will start with something different, but it is also that black striped bar for which we need a signature and date).

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5. Why hasn't someone answered my email?See more.

A. Our team answers emails fairly quickly, sometimes within minutes. We're open Monday to Friday from 7am PST to 3pm PST, so if you emailed over the weekend, please allow a day or so for our team to catch up. Our customer care team answers a multitude of inquiries about manufacturing, wholesale buying, website orders, donations, puzzle inquiries, licensing, quality questions - so there is a lot to get to each day. But your question is important to us, so if you feel like it was overlooked, please let us know. Otherwise, our team is working as quick as they can to get back to you. Please note that during long weekends or before and after Christmas can be our busiest times, so it may take a little longer, but we will take care of you!

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6. I filled out your replacement form. Why hasn't my replacement arrived yet?See more.

A. Replacements can arrive as quick as within one week or in some cases between 2 to 4 weeks. It depends on the stock level for the image that we are replacing. Usually, if we anticipate needing to hold your order, we will email you within a day or two of receiving your replacement request. Feel free at any time to email to the General Inquiries form with your question and our team will be happy to get back to you. Just let us know what email address you used to request the replacement and our team can look it up for you. You can also call us toll-free at 1-877-592-7374 ext. 0 for a real person.

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B. Puzzle Questions

1. What's the difference in puzzle box size/design and poster/no poster?See more.

A. A poster is only included if the box cover says "Poster Included" below our logo. Pre-2018 we did not include posters with our puzzles and everyone used the box cover to assemble the puzzle. The pre-2018 box frame colour is beige as opposed to green, blue, or red/rust. In 2023, our 1000 piece to 275 piece boxes downsized from 10" x 14" x 2.38" to 8.25" x 11.25" x 2.0" and a depth of 3.75" for the 2000 piece. Please check for this detail if that matters to you. Modular boxes that are a "square-ish" size of 7.5" x 8.0" x 2.5" do not include posters. Those are often found at pharmacies, hobby stores, or bookstores where shelf space needs to be maximized. For more information on the history of our puzzles, check out our About Us Cobble Hill History section.

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2. What do the puzzle pieces look like?See more.

A. The Family Pieces 350 have small, medium and large pieces so puzzlers of all skill levels can collaborate on the puzzle. The Easy Handling 275 puzzles have the largest size pieces, averaging between 1.5" to 3" and are an excellent choice for someone with impaired vision or declining motor function. The 500 piece puzzles have fairly large size pieces, slightly bigger than a quarter. The 1000 piece puzzles are more similar to a nickel. All of our puzzles have irregular shaped pieces, or what we call, "random cut". Some shapes can be squarish, but a lot of them have curves and bends that you won't see in a ribbon cut puzzle. We recommend reading through out About Us - Cobble Hill Thrill section for more details on our puzzles.

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3. Are the puzzle piece counts exact or an approximation?See more.

A. The piece count on the box is an approximation, not an accurate count of the pieces. Our puzzle dies are handmade and although we give instructions to create a 1000 or 500 piece template, the die maker does his best to come as close as possible to the piece count. However, on occasion, we could have 1007 pieces or 991 pieces in a "1000 piece" puzzle and in either case, it is considered a complete puzzle. This applies to all the piece counts since they are irregular cut and do not line up in a grid. We do not recommend counting the puzzle pieces before starting the puzzle to ensure that pieces are not missing - this will not result in a true answer given the random cut nature of the puzzle.

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4. Do you have a factory or office that I can visit? Are you in Cobble Hill?See more.

A. Unfortunately, we do not have any facilities that are open to the public. Despite our name, we are not located in Cobble Hill, BC or NY. It is a name that the owner liked and that is all. We do have a sales and admininstration office in Victoria, BC (our headquarters), but we do not have a factory or store to tour. As well, our warehouse in Brampton, ON is only an outbound facility and does not sell directly to consumers or offer tours. We do have a showroom in Brampton for our retailers to visit and order product, but it is by appointment, so one must contact their sales rep to make arrangements. But we thank you for your interest in getting to know us behind the scenes!

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5. Why are your puzzle pieces such quirky shapes?See more.

A. A signature part of the Cobble Hill brand are our random cut puzzle pieces that we think are absolutely fun(ky)! Those quirky pieces keep puzzle time interesting as you hunt for the exact piece that fits with its mates. Our puzzle pieces do not line up in the traditional neat rows and columns creating a grid pattern - or ribbon cut as it's known. Rather, because our pieces have bends and curves, are tall and short, they end up creating a random pattern. That said, the pieces should always interlock with one another as opposed to bumping up against each other so that you're able to move pieces in sections. If you find that is not the case, do let us know so we can find out what the designer did with that particular die. To read more about the difference between a ribbon cut puzzle (like most European brands) and a random cut puzzle (our signature style), please check out our About Us - Cobble Hill Thrill section.

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C. Where to Buy

1. Where can I buy Cobble Hill puzzles locally?See more.

A. We love that you want to buy local! To find a local retailer, please use our Find A Store link. We do not sell puzzles to consumers directly from our Victoria, BC or Brampton, ON locations. If you can't find a local store, then please try an online store. Outside of North America, use our International Shops link and inside of North America, use our Find A Store link - stores with an e-commerce store will have a website link and a logo.

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2. Why don't you ship to Hawaii, Alaska, or Nunavut?See more.

A. We are so sorry that we're not able to service those distant areas, but we just don't get a good enough cost break from the shipping companies. In just about every online order, we eat the cost of shipping, so you're only paying a portion of what we actually pay to Canada Post or FedEx to ship your package. As a wholesaler, our big cost breaks come from shipping to our retailers, so we would love for you to support our online retailers who focus on shipping smaller packages to consumers and therefore, usually get better shipping rates. In the United States, Puzzle Warehouse is a great option and for Canada, we recommend Puzzles Canada. You can always call us to place an order and we will check with our warehouse on a shipping quote to your area. Thank you for your understanding and we hope to service you in the near future.

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3. Can I have a catalogue mailed to me?See more.

A. At this time, we do not have a flyer to mail out. This is something that we have considered for the future. We are a distributed product line from Outset Media, so our catalogues are mailed to retailers with all of our products from games to puzzles. However, if you would like to see an online catalogue, that you can download, please scroll to the bottom of our website and see our About Us - Cobble Hill Catalogue link.

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4. Who can buy on your website?See more.

A. If you're a consumer, you can purchase puzzles from us for the US or Canada, but we do not ship to consumers outside of North America. Our website is not for retailers who need wholesale pricing; please contact our offices for a sales rep at 1-877-592-7374 ext 0 for a real person.

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5. Do you sell puzzle frames and other accessories?See more.

A. We are so sorry, but we do not sell frames for puzzles. While we have no affiliation with puzzle frame stores, we have seen customers use Frame It Easy who offer custom frames. You can visit their USA website by CLICKING HERE. Also, our customer, ACMS, sells Cobble Hill puzzles and has framed many of them very beautifully. Their company can frame your puzzle or you can purchase a framed puzzle from them. Please click to visit their website for more details as we do not represent them and cannot accurately answer questions about their business.

As for accessories, Cobble Hill offers a felt puzzle mat, sorting trays with sifters, and puzzle glue. You can purchase the mat and sorter from our website, however the glue can only be purchased with one of our retailers.

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6. Is there a minimum order to purchase on the website?See more.

A. At this time, there are no minimums to purchase. This is not a wholesale site, so if you are a retailer, please contact the office directly at 1-877-592-7374 ext. 0 to speak with a sales rep.

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D. Custom Puzzles & Artist Inquiries

1. How can I suggest an image that I'd like to see as a puzzle?See more.

A. We would love to hear your artist or image suggestions! Please use our Contact Us (General Inquiries) form. Thank you for sharing your suggestions with us!

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2. How can I submit my photos / artwork for consideration?See more.

A. Thank you for thinking of us! Please fill out the General Inquiries form and choose the drop down option for "Artist/Image Suggestion". In the comments section, you can include a link to your portfolio. At this time we only license artwork, so please no photography. We apologize, but our Creative Art Director, Allegra, receive a high volume of artist submissions and will only reply to those of interest for our line. We have brought on new artists, like Shelley Davies, who have never had their art turned into a puzzle, so we do keep our eyes open!

Please bear the following in mind:

Size matters. Puzzles are big! If your fabulous work of art was created at greeting-card size, it will not look so good at 26.625" x 19.25" (the size of our 1000 piece puzzles). You will need to be able to provide a print ready file that is 300 pixels per inch.

A great puzzle. Great paintings do not necessarily make great puzzles. For instance, I love the work of Edward Hopper, but I cannot think of one of his images that I would want to do as a puzzle. Below is a rough guideline of a successful puzzle - of course, there are exceptions to every rule!


  • Busy composition.
  • Colourful. Different areas in different colours is how most puzzlers sort their pieces.
  • Focal point. Easily identified subject.


  • There shouldn't be big boring areas. A vast expanse of water or sky or road should have something breaking up the monotony.
  • Too monochromatic. Too dark.
  • There is an optimal range for the size of the subject in relation to the total image. For instance on a dog puzzle, a head shot of a dog becomes a portrait of an individual animal and can lack universal appeal. Conversely, if the dog is a small silhouette in a forest, then it is a landscape scene without a main subject.

Do some research. There are many, many companies. And every one has a different range of images aimed at different kinds of retailers. Take a look at different catalogues to see if your work would make a good fit.

Please have patience. I am one person with a lot to do. And I receive many submissions daily.

Private label puzzles. If you are not looking for us to license your work, but to commission a private label printing, or you are an artist looking to have puzzles made that you will sell yourself: please contact We only do print runs over 3,000 copies. Puzzles-Plus does runs of 500.

Hope these thoughts help.
 Good luck to all,

Allegra Vernon, 
Creative Director

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3. Do you make custom puzzles for individuals or manufacture puzzles of my images that I want to sell?See more.

A. Sorry, we do not make custom puzzles. It's not in our business model to manufacture puzzles for others to sell, so if you want us to consider a custom puzzle for you it would need to meet our dimensions and die lines, as well as the minimum order quantity of 3000 puzzles for one single image. If that is of interest, please let us know by filling out our General Inquiry form. But! We discovered a company in Portland, Oregon and they make smaller quantities of puzzles. They are a family business and incredibly nice people from our brief meeting with them. Give them a try at Portland Puzzle Company.Thank you for thinking of us!

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E. Wholesale Inquiries

1. How can I become a retailer or distributor for Cobble Hill?See more.

A. Thank you! We're excited that you're interested in partnering with Cobble Hill! If you want to be a retailer in North America or a distributor anywhere in the world, then please fill out our Wholesale Inquiry form. If you are interested in being a retailer outside of North America, please visit our International Distributors list for the company that is best for your country.

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2. What countries currently distribute your puzzles?See more.

A. We're excited to be steadily growing our international market. We have many countries around the world distributing Cobble Hill. Please visit our International Distributors link to see the most updated list. NOTE! We are very interested in finding a distributor in Mexico, so please contact us if you have any recommendations. Thank you!

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3. How long have you been in business?See more.

A. Cobble Hill has been in business since 2005! We're just a teenager when it comes to comparing us to many other reputable puzzle brands like Ravensburger, Piatnik, and White Mountain who have several more decades on us. But, ask around, and we're confident that you'll hear puzzlers praise our quality. Not only that, but we think we have pretty great customer service, too. Please see our About Us - Cobble Hill History for more!

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