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Lift Your Table, Save Your Back!

Lift Your Table, Save Your Back!

During March 22-24, Cobble Hill had the pleasure of being in San Diego as the Convention Sponsor for the USA Jigsaw Nationals. It was such a delight to finally meet face to face with so many of the puzzlers who we connect with on social media. We also met with other companies, some who we were familiar with, and others who we had heard about for the first time. One of the new companies that we enjoyed learning about was Lift Your Table.  

What they offer is in their name! This company makes table risers (you can see them on the table legs in the above photo and Bethany, the delightful CEO, is holding one). When you see their product, especially if you're a speed puzzler who stands, you may think, “Oh! I didn’t even realize that was an option!” Lift Your Table offers a solution that not only addresses the needs of puzzlers but also benefits sewers, quilters, teachers, trade show vendors and professionals who spend long hours standing at events or while working at those folding tables.

Maintaining proper posture and avoiding strain on the neck and back is crucial for long-term health, especially for those who stand for extended periods. Their PVC table risers easily slip on to the table legs to raise the table height to counter (36”), bar (42”), or even higher (48”) levels. It's always encouraging to see innovative solutions that promote ergonomic well-being and enhance comfort during everyday activities. You can see from the image below that the versatility and need for these risers is beneficial to warehouses, exhibitors, crafters, hotels and more. Even at the USA Jigsaw Nationals, we basically stood most of the day and would have loved to have a higher table for those who stopped by to assemble the various puzzles that we had on the table (a must next time)!

Postcard with industries that could benefit from Lift Your Table risers

Sitting for prolonged periods of time can be harmful according to the Mayo Clinic, so standing is a great alternative, but you don't want to be hunched over!

Bethany’s journey from addressing back pain for food preppers at a Streetfair to establishing a successful business is indeed inspiring and speaks volumes about the passion and dedication driving the company forward. We loved reading her heartwarming story that she shares on this postcard to her consumers. 

Bethany as a child with bicycle
Bethany CEO of Lift Your Table

We hope you feel encouraged to hear about such positive products and the people behind them. Recognizing and supporting companies like Lift Your Table, who not only offer innovative solutions but also genuinely care about their customers, is invaluable. Sharing their story and products with others who might benefit from them is a wonderful way to show support and contribute to their continued success. It's a reminder of the power of community and how small actions like spreading the word can make a big difference. We hope you’ll highlight their story and encourage others to support them!

You can buy their products online at their company website: or by searching for Amazon Lift Your Table.

And if you know a business who could benefit from the risers, please share the link: Just let the boss know that according to a resource on World Spine Day's website, back pain is one of the most common reasons for missed work!

All graphic design by Pierce Marengo. A big thank you to the incredibly kind Pierce for stopping by our booth and letting us know about this wonderful company! It was a pleasure to meet him, Bethany, and Pat - all amazing people!

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