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La taille de la boîte et de l'affiche a changé ! Veuillez consulter les détails du produit si cela concerne votre collection.
La taille de la boîte change. Veuillez consulter les détails du produit !
Flower Press Studio: Spring into Happiness

Flower Press Studio: Spring into Happiness

We are incredibly honoured and excited to introduce our puzzlers to this NEW dynamic duo, Flower Press: Spring and Flower Press: Happiness. 

Flowers pressed on white and black background

These fabulous images were created by Keith Kralik and Rachel Parri of Flower Press Studio, who have nearly 550K followers on Instagram at the time of this posting.Keith and Rachel standing with their flower pressed artwork

The team at Flower Press Studio go through a detailed process of pressing real flowers and then beautifully arranging them as finished art. They are based out of Denver, Colorado and collaborate with independent flower farms to create these unique works. Poppies and other wildflowers is what they originally started pressing, but as you can see, they grew it into so much more! Just look at what these look like in their original form!

Original art for flowers pressed on white background
Original art for flowers pressed on black background

Cobble Hill is always seeking to bring puzzlers not just new to us, but original images that you can't find in any other brand. Our Creative Department is highly invested in finding talented artists who have never had their creative works turned into jigsaw puzzles like Shelley Davies and Diane Dempsey. As a result, we hope our puzzlers can appreciate the time our team spends to find enjoyable ways for you to spend your time. We wish that these two new puzzles from Flower Press Studio become some of your household favourites. 

If you're interested in taking a flower press course, Keith and Rachel offer them and sign up is available via their website, here

Flower Press: Spring and Flower Press: Happiness are available in Canada through our partner retailers. And they are available now on our official Cobble Hill USA website (available on our Canada website January 1st). Thank you for supporting Flower Press Studios and our retailers! Grab both copies and spring into happiness!!

Flower Press Spring box from Cobble Hill

Flower Press: Spring 1000 Piece

Flower Press Happiness Cobble Hill puzzle

Flower Press: Happiness 1000 Piece


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