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La taille de la boîte et de l'affiche a changé ! Veuillez consulter les détails du produit si cela concerne votre collection.
La taille de la boîte change. Veuillez consulter les détails du produit !
Shelve It or Stack It With No Head Tilt.

Shelve It or Stack It With No Head Tilt.

Anyone who loves to display their Cobble Hill puzzle collection will appreciate the thought that went into the design of the box.

The obvious way to appreciate the entire image is having it face front, like in our cover photo, which by the way includes our newest puzzle release. But not all of us have the room to do that for our growing or "overgrown" stash! So the default becomes to stack them or put them on the spine and we've designed the boxes to look good either way. No need to tilt your head sideways to check out the details!

Cat tilting head down stairs

The bookshelf below is an example of the four different ways to shelve a puzzle with the side of the box lid facing out. Whether the puzzle has a portrait or landscape orientation, there is a "suggested" way to display the puzzles. All four sides are designed differently allowing one to turn it to present information as they wish. The 2000 piece is not pictured, but it follows the same design format.

Cobble Hill puzzles on a bookshelf

We will throw in the caveat that some sides of the box do have more information than others, but this message is more about aesthetics than information. 

The below image shows the puzzles spined and stacked, with what one would find on the opposite side of what we showed you above. If this works for you, then great! But we did design the boxes so that one does not have to tilt their head or try and read sideways. You can compare and see which way is more pleasing to you. 

Four Cobble Hill puzzles on their spine and stacked.

We hope you found this useful and we look forward to seeing what's on your shelves! Tag us #cobblehillpuzzles #puzzledisplay

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